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Past, Present, & Future Reading

Past, Present, & Future Reading

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One of the most common reasons to come to a tarot reader is curiosity about your future.


The first thing I like to tell all my clients is that I do not believe that the future is set in stone; there wouldn't be a lot of use loooking into it if it were! The future I read is simply the next step on the path you're on right now.


A past, present, and future reading can grant insight into a timeline of your energy and major events in your life. Additionally, the cards will use this oppotunity to warn you about any bumps in the road, or give you a heads-up to something awesome on the horizon so you can be prepared. Ultimately, it's for you to decide how to steer your ship; I can just show you the seas ahead.


For legal reasons, I cannot answer questions that would constitute giving medical or legal advice. Sorry!

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