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  • I'm new to all this. Where should I start?
    First of all, welcome! I understand it can all feel pretty overwhelming at the get-go, and I hope I can make your journey as stress-free as possible. I actually made a quick quiz to help beginners and experienced clients alike pick a reading. Check it out! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I love walking new clients through the first steps of their tarot journey. I can't wait to hear from you! Lydia
  • How does Tarot work, anyway?
    Great question! So, this is definitely a matter of some debate, so all I can tell you is my personal belief. I believe Tarot is an example of Taught Intuition. Intuition is a phenomenon we're all familiar with and is largely accepted; twins sensing each other's emotions, parental instincts, and gut feelings are all good examples of intuition in our daily lives. Taught Intuition is the idea that you can learn to focus this ability through practice and instruction. My favorite non-Tarot example of this interesting phenomenon is actually a practice called chicken sexing, which I highly encourage you to read up on! To quote Joshua Foer from his book Moonwalking with Einstein: “What makes chicken sexing such a captivating subject—the reason that academic philosophers and cognitive psychologists have authored dissertations about it, and the reason that my own research into memory had brought me to this arcane skill—is that even the best professional sexers can’t describe how they determine gender in the toughest, most ambiguous cases. Their art is inexplicable. They say that within three seconds they just “know” whether a bird is a boy or a girl, but they can’t say how they know. Even when carefully cross-examined by researchers, they can’t give reasons why one bird is a male and another is female. What they have, they say, is intuition." So, to conclude what was probably a much longer answer than you were looking for, I believe that Tarot is channeling that method of taught intuition to learn to read the cards and energies just as chicken sexers read the rear ends of chicks. Through practice, mentorship, and more practice, tarot readers (like me!) have learned to read their cards and help others (like you!) see what intuition tells us. Curious? Try booking a reading today to see for yourself!
  • What kind of readings do you offer?
    Glad you asked! I offer a variety of different spreads for various topics, or you can simply ask your question to get an answer! Check out the Readings page to see all the options: Alternatively, you can use my quick quiz to recommend a reading for you! Hope to hear from you soon! Lydia
  • I want a reading, but I'm not sure which is right for me.
    I totally understand! One of the hardest things about getting a tarot reading can be knowing which spread you'd like. To help with this, I've made a quick quiz to help match you with the reading that best fits what you're looking for. Click the button below to check it out! If you'd rather, you can also reach out to me directly and I'll be glad to help point you to the right reading! Hope to hear from you soon! Lydia
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